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Well been super busy the last month. My coilovers showed up two weeks earlier than expected, and it's been a pain in the ass since then

BC BR Series Coilovers in 18k/16k with Swift Springs

DSC_4790_zpsm9bmtzgn by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_4791_zpspmiwxhti by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

Front out
DSC_4788_zpsw3sjejs8 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

Rear out
DSC_4804_zpsvwepxo2j by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

Rear comparison
DSC_4803_zps7brcc5za by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

Old front
DSC_4789_zpsnk5dpyh7 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

Comparison of the fronts
DSC_4792_zpsjazpi1bs by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

Cusco full positive vs full negative
DSC_4793_zpspw7joike by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

Lower control arm out
DSC_4868_zps6dxzgejt by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

New drop arms in
DSC_4872_zpsnubx9vhb by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

So basically I got them installed no problem, but had the worst time trying to get the height set where I wanted. I'd get it set, but couldn't turn, raise it to turn, but be 1/2" off from each other. Weirdest stuff I'd ever seen lol. Eventually found out the rear wouldn't go as low as I wanted... So after talking to Figs I purchased a set of Drop Mega Arms. Was unexpected but whatever, it will be much better suspension geometry wise.

I got the arms swapped in, but was still have trouble getting the height set. I was trying to do some-what of an alignment my self but ended up just getting everything WAY out of wack lol.

Eventually completely started over, and basically gave up on trying to align it myself. I was worried not having camber at least close was effecting the height so I think I've got them decently close now.

Part of the problem/reason I was trying to get it close my self is the area I live in. Everyone looks at me like I'm trying to do something unheard of/impossible because they've never seen anything like it.

So last week I finally was ready to get an alignment (3 weeks after installing the coilovers lol). Took it to 2 different places, and neither could get the car on the rack. No front bumper, no side skirts, and lots of wood. The car isn't even as low as I want it to be so it's been very frustrating.

Toyota has an in ground alignment rack, but basically told me they didn't want to do it. They said "they updated their computers and they aren't as user friendly to custom specs". Bunch of bull shit if you ask me...

But I went by there Thursday to show them and explain what I wanted, and they are going to try to do it Tuesday.

So that's that. I drove my car the weekend the coilovers showed up, 10 hours in the rain, and haven't washed it since. Front bumper is barely hanging on with 2 zip ties and still no side skirts, so no pictures of it as is.

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