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Ok guys I can confirm that this short cut does work, as long as you make sure to seal any gaps when you put the metal back together. I used dynamat to create an air tight seal and looks like nothing was ever cut . Now as far as the big hose goes there are two little teeth that need to pushed away from the hose for it come out. Was a little tricky at first but dont worry youll get it. Putting it back in requires the teeth to grab the valve again, not too difficult.

Only warning is when cutting make sure you dont cut too deep towards the rear of the car, there is a black fuel line. BE VERY CAREFUL. I only used a power tool to make the first hole towards the front of the car. After that I used a metal cutter that was strong enough. Then I bent the metal away from the valve. Overall i am stasfied, the smell of fuel is gone, and the codes (P0440, P0446) have not come back. I packed the dynamat in nicely, so it looks like nothing was ever done.

Dont be intimidated by cutting, save yourself some money, as long as you know what your doing and follow this thread you will be OK.
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