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Things are still slow... We got a good bit of snow AGAIN so I haven't been able to pick up my LCA's from powder yet. Hoping to get them tomorrow and get the bushings pressed in.

My lips were supposed to be shipped today... I doubt it. No tracking number yet so who knows. Tomorrow is my "get shit done" day so I'll be calling Wheel Flip about them and checking about shipping my barrels to get work done. Hoping to ship them out before the end of the week since I'll be going back to school.

My new wheel hardware is slightly bigger so I think I need to modify my 18x10 bolt holes a little. Since they are staying welded I'm not worried about it, the holes are already oversized for the bolts. They just aren't centered so there isn't much room for error when putting them back together. The tolerance on the faces is VERY tight so I'd like a little more wiggle room when putting them back together.

Christmas was rather uneventful other than getting a new camera. I probably should have gotten cash for car parts but oh well. I'll never need another camera So I do have a couple BS pictures

None of these have any editing sooooooo

DSC_2108_zpscffa96d5 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_2170_zps865876e0 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_2185_zpsae35e1cd by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_2196_zpsf83fe96f by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_2215_zps8ac63ad9 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickrg]

I just thought this was cool because it was hand held, through my tinted window, in 35* weather I didn't even have gloves on!
DSC_2216_zpsc9347b72 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_2217_zps501d0322 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_2318_zps61608337 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_2319_zps29bd9ed9 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_2320_zpsfb0dacda by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

DSC_2321_zps13e1941a by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

I also picked up a Juran front strut tower bar. Looked cool on eBay and from what I've gathered it's pretty rare so why not. PISSED THOUGH. I've been wanting Carbing bars for years and didn't see the ones for sale until the other night. The OP said they were sold but I'm hoping it falls through so I can by them I'd sell this and my Cusco in a heart beat to get them

And I brought my two front wheels inside to check some things out. Gonna put a drill to them tomorrow and then all four will get boxed up.

Hopefully I can get my LCA's finished tomorrow!

Oh, I grabbed a new steering rack boot for when I do my tie rods and stuff. One got burnt getting my #1 arms off since the camber bolt was seized so I figured I'd replace it while it's off.

AND finally ordered Uras JZX110 tie rods. Should be here next week?

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