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N/A build intake and intake manifold fabrication.

Hey guys,

First off, I have really enjoyed all the info and insight from this sight. I have had my IS (2002 MSM E-shift) for almost 3 years now and am just getting around to starting a build. I have been following the site for about a year and decided it was time to make an account.

When I first bought the car I installed a K&N with heat shield, Megan axle-back, and Megan Y pipe, as I was looking to get some more out of the higher RPMs. I did notice a decent gain even without an A/F ratio tune. Next on my list is BC stage 2 cams, cam gear, a decent header, followed by an SAFC or EMU to bring it all together.

So I have a question and I want all the input I can get. I want to make the intake system ( From the air being sucked in, down to air entering the head) as efficient as possible, while maximizing the high RPMs. I work in a machine shop and want to tackle either one of two issues through some fabrication and machining. Maybe both if I get bored....

Which of the following do you feel would be a better route to pursue (Remember, I work in a machine shop so possibilities are.......extensive.)

1- Temperature: Ambient air, intake temp, throttle body temp, intake manifold temp.

2- Flow and turbulence: Incoming air to filter, filter tube, throttle body, intake manifold.

I understand that the gains from this pursuit will be maybe a few horsepower and improved throttle response at the most. But I enjoy researching and spending time making things. I have a temp gun and will take some "baseline" temps of different areas under the hood immediately after certain driving conditions. I know just from having my hand on the intake tube and throttle body, they get quite toasty. Whatever route I do go I would love to document and review any gains if there is interest.

Glad to be a MY.IS member!
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