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Car is completely lacking in my eyes now.

I picked these wheels for a certain look. The Elixir kit was going to fit perfect with the wheels and Ganadors.


Still nothing from Greyhound. I've searched every cities craigslist for over 20 states and seen nothing. Either it's still with Greyhound somewhere, it got thrown away, or someone stole it and don't know what they have.

Or someone stole it and someone else bought it already.

Whatever. I have no motivation for it right now. I haven't even wanted to take pictures, so all I have is one iPhone pic.

photo1-1_zps3373e43d by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

Specs are

Blitz Type 03
18x9 +26 with a 225/40/18 and -4* of camber
18x10 +35 with a 255/35/18 and -2.3* of camber.

Not happy about the camber in front. My tires are too big. I'd be fine with the camber if it was like 1" lower.

Wheels are 18x9 +41 and HI disk so the clear my calipers.
Rears are 18x10 +45 LO disk.

I had plans to widen/refinish them but with no kit I won't be doing that.

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