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Slowly getting more and more dissapointed with Greyhound. I've been optimistic they would find my kit, but I'm losing faith.

Sucks because I really needed the kit to pull off the look/style I was going for.

Just frustrating. I've had 3 bumpers shipped to me with ZERO issues. I've sent 2 bumpers to other people with ZERO issues. I don't see how it's possible for a 6 foot by 4 foot by 3 foot box to go missing.

In the mean time I picked up a Vertex Hood/Bonnet Spoiler from HiPPOXSLEEK. Been wanting one for a while but never expected to come across a used one. It was great price so I jumped on it. Unfortunately with no kit I'm probably just going to sit on it for a while.

I finally got my wheels on, lowered, and aligned. Since I don't have a kit it needs to go lower, but my tires are too big. The rear is "ok" but to go lower I need a smaller tire. The front isn't anywhere near where I planned to have it. Apparently the 225/40 is a lot bigger than a 215/40. It's higher and I have more camber than I want in the front.

Finally got my visors trimmed to fit with the Ganadors. Waiting for a warm day to put them on. And one of my center caps came apart when I pulled it off the wheel, but I just put it back together today.

So more teasers for now.

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