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Supercar Collection Abandoned in Bolivia

The former president of Bolivian airline AeroSur, Humero Roca, recently fled the South American country after it was alleged he embezzled over $37.2 million from the company. Roca may have taken a lot, but heís also left a lot behind Ė including 60 stunning vehicles.

Weíre not here to pass judgment on whether or not Roca is guilty of a crime, but what he most certainly is guilty of is owning an incredible supercar collection, which has now been left stranded in an undisclosed location in Bolivia. His son, who clearly shares the same passion as his father for exotic cars, documented half of the collection on his YouTube channel.

But on March 26th, Rocaís son posted one last video and said, ďI wonít be able to make any more videos of the cars in Bolivia.Ē The cryptic message was precluded by an affirmation that the government is after Roca and his family which guarantees that the family has since fled the country.

Rocaís supercar collection is one to be envied. A majority of Rocaís sonís videos revolve around his passion for BMWs, while other videos show off modern-generation supercars and classics such as the Toyota Supra, Nissan GT-R, Dodge Viper, a 1970 Ford Mustang 351 Boss, a 1969 Dodge Charger RT, and even a Ferrari F1 car from 2007.

As beloved as the collection probably is to Roca and his family, chances are itís one of the last things on their minds right now, wherever they may be. Thereís a good chance the collection will be seized by the Bolivian government, though itís possible Rocaís family could have the vehicles exported out of Bolivia.
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