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He is from Australia not works on them , he worked on JDM cars for Toyota.
Otherwise he would only be working on Holdens and i have never seen one here , have you ?
He's been at a Lexus dealer for 20 years working on Lexus' only , so you would think yes he is " good at our cars ".
In fact i used to take my other Lexus ES to him in the 90's to be serviced .
He is by far more than trustworthy and is more than honest in what is happening and needs to be done. No gouging on pricing or guessing.

He has a oil change special from what i recall , $25 or $30 with oem filter ,taxes in .
I was there today to get my brakes done , and have been there for tons of other work , like front brakes , rear suspension arms , bushings , driveshaft adjustment , tire swaps , changing my rad , alternator and the list goes on . Also he has a full techstream program for data acquisition just like the dealers computer and software . the only difference between him and the dealer is your butt is not sore when you leave . Oh yah and no car wash . Ive referred atleast 30 people to him and they keep sending more of there friends to him as well because its nice to have someone who knows what they are
doing and is honest with everything including pricing. You get your car back the way it came in , no damage , no mystery stains and no curb rashed wheels from joy rides .
I gave up on Andy at bullock a while ago when he charged me $900 for 5 hours work to change my starter and 2 mounts never mind had me waiting for 3 hours for an 11am appointment before he started the car . So it was lots of fun keeping my 3 year old busy for that time.

Then i sent a car to get body work done last week as he used to be amazing at paint . Key word "was" amazing . Now he is just average , with pits and dust and fisheyes in the paint . He over sprayed the whole car and i had to spend 5 hours high speed polishing it to remove it . Then used the wrong masking tape which pulled off the clear coat on the old paint. But the best part was the huge chip of paint on the edge of the hood that was lifting that he tried to deny was even there even when he knew it was there and told the clear bra guy to do it anyways , i guess hoping to cover it and the owner would not see . I was not impressed and neither was the owner of the car but he was glad he spent the money to pay for me to inspect the car before payment . Oh yah and the metallic flake used in the paint code was wrong so you see large grey areas where the paint started to settle in the can and shows blotchy . I expected perfection for $3000 just for a hood bumper and 2 fenders and 2 strips over the rear wheels . It was only a 1800 job as it had way too many deficiencies and excuses .

I'm not that guy ............

Think before you type because this isn't a conversation and you will be taken the wrong way .
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