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So it's been a while since I've updated anything... Honestly, there's not much to update.

I still haven't got pictures of my engine bay up since I made some additions there. Nothing special but I'll eventually post the pictures.

I FINALLY took some pictures after lowering the rear more. I know it's not the lowest, but I'm pretty happy with my current ride height. I may drop to smaller size when I need new tires, but that shouldn't be for a while.

Unfortunately it's been so hot here lately, that I haven't been working Yeah the golf course has told me not to come in because no one is playing... Sucks! But I think I have an idea for what's coming next, and at the top of that list is Figs adjustable front end links. I'm sick of mine clunking lol.

After that, I'm hoping to get some pretty rare pieces Maybe Figs traction links. Once those are together I'm stashing cash to refinish my wheels and have my front bumper painted. Then I'll be buying a bunch of maintenance items (90k is coming up) and start buying turbo parts

Well that's the plan for now. We'll see how that holds up a week from now. I change my mind way too often lol.

Anyway, here's some new pictures. They aren't anything special. I was expecting it to be cloudy all day but of course about the time I got off work it got sunny and hot. So I didn't wash my car, and only took a few quick pictures.. Whatever, they get the point across.

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