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Originally Posted by JayP View Post
My boy got one.. H2B soon! F22 / GSR tranny w/ LSD. His shit moves with a H23 as it is... He claims the accord game out here in southwestern CT but your accord got more work by far.

He's thinking about taking gears 1-3 from the GSR and mating it with gears 4-5 from the SI for gas mileage. If you ever drove a GSR, you'll notice yourself hitting 4k RPMs in the 5th gear only cruising at around 60 MPH.
Nice. Is he gonna do the H2B in his Accord chasis? If so, it's not gonna work because no one has made a H2B kit for the Accord/Prelude.

My bro has a JDM GSR w/LSD that we swapped into his EK Hatch. And he's at 4K RPM doing 80mph and same goes with my H22 Accord that has the T2T4 F20B LSD trans.

Originally Posted by elhazard7500 View Post
Looks cool.

1994 Honda Accord EX; JDM H22A/T2T4 LSD = 204whp/157wtq
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