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Originally Posted by Knightshade View Post
You don't think an insurance agent is capable of quoting him for just one car with nothing else on the account?

But really, it's going to depend on where he lives (rates not only vary greatly from one state to the next but sometimes down to the part of a given city), his driving record, and possibly other factors depending on the state (both age and marital status aren't automatic price reducers in every state, only some)

Only way to be sure is actually give his specific info to an agent (preferably multiple agents from different companies) and find out.

He'd have his answer in an hour with several phone calls that way, rather than waiting around a week for generic answers that won't actually help him much on a web forum.
exactly! and you can give the agent multiple scenario and get the rate that best suits your budget. asking for our rates here and using it as a benchmark may not be the best route since variables that affect the premium (our geographical location, driving record, deductibles/liability limits/discounts, etc.) vary from one person to another.
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