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Well I didn't have anything going on today so I installed my Figs rear end links.

Mike was right, those boots are a big PITA. I had a lot more trouble with them than I did with the ones on my Mega Arms.

Pulled the sway bar out and end links. Cleaned up the bushings and regreased them. I stripped out one of the allen heads on one end link so I had to cut it off.

DSC_4524 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

Other than that the install went smooth. I have the end links as short as I could get them (I think) and the sway bar is slightly angled up still. I pushed the end of the rubber boot as far up as I could so I think a thinner nut would give me enough room to make it level. But I don't know how much room there is to mess with that so I'm leaving it as is.

The angle of the sway bar is greatly improved though. It might not look like it in the pictures but it was obvious while I was down there. I didn't really get to test things out to see if this affected handling but I'll know tomorrow. I took it for a quick test drive when I finished and there wasn't any creaking

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