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Originally Posted by rvalero View Post
Damn Corey, that sucks, but I'm glad that it didn't lead to anything life-threatening.
I know. I was actually really lucky.

BUT I want to be clear that this has nothing to do with build quality or anything related to the parts coming from Mike (Figs).

After looking at the spindle once we got the broken piece out, I think it was a combination of corroded, dirt filled, rust lined threads. I believe that the bolt didn't get fully tightened and worked it's way out until it got snagged on some crap in the threads and then eventually failed.

So it's my fault for not taking necessary steps to make sure the bolt got fully torqued. Luckily no more damage was done (to me or the car or anyone else for that matter) and I'm able to learn from it and move on.

I do want to say that Mike has been extremely helpful with everything. I've sent him pictures and he gave me advice on how to get the piece out and even offered to send me tools if I didn't have them.

I took the spindle to my friend who works at Nissan earlier. Got there and he asked me to run to his bank and get some cash for him so I literally ran across the street to the ATM. By the time I got back he already had it out He said there was an edge to it so he hit it with a chisel a few times and got it a couple mm's out before it got caught up. Then he took a left handed titanium drill bit and drilled about 3mm into and it popped out.

Unforuntaly none of the places around town have a bolt that I can use temporarily until I get new ones from Mike. But that's ok since I didn't really want to risk it lol.

Originally Posted by shhhua View Post

The car looks good without the kit too... actually, just looks like mine.
lol I know! We are essentially twins now.

Originally Posted by shenmecar View Post
Are those the stock rear calipers?
Yes those are stock calipers. I took them apart, had them sand blasted and powder coated, rebuilt them, and then put the back together.

Annnd in other news, I got my new ball joint and rear end links today. Woot!

Probably gonna grab some paint and paint the end links later today. We'll see. They look awesome though!
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