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Originally Posted by BeansIS View Post
I'm going to buy you some gray t trim stuff and this would be my absolute favorite is300 ever. I miss white.
I wish you would have kept the white But favorite IS300 ever??? Maybe once I get some more POWAAA lol.

Originally Posted by Johnnysks View Post
LOL You wouldn't be the first to have tried.
I've been on his ass for a year now. BTW, there is a grey trim for the Camry SE. That one is about twice as thick as the ebay trim.
You guys should pitch in and buy some for me! You actually have me considering this right now though... Hmmm...

Originally Posted by shhhua View Post
Can't wait to see it all put together Corey! Thanks for the info on the LS400 calipers, those will definitely be next after I get the Vertex painted and installed.

I like the new pics also.
Get you're car together!! Your wheels gonna be a 3 month wait? Hopefully yours doesn't end up like Rey's! (He waited 6 months if I remember right )

Originally Posted by rvalero View Post
Trunk Mat: $45 shipped

Have you considered getting shorter springs rather than messing with preload? Too bad the coilovers are already maxed out.
I was going to pick that one up but he already sold it. He just hasn't updated the thread. But I managed to get one on eBay from "justis300parts" for the same price

And shorter springs won't allow me to go lower, I'll actually be higher (I think...). My coilovers were maxed out with how much the shock body could lower into the bottom mount. So the only way to go lower is to drop the spring. With the RCA's up front I still have about 1/4" to 1/2" that I can go lower, but my tires would absolutely DESTROY my fenders. The rear was maxed in all my pictures so far, but I lowered it a few weeks ago by lowering the spring. Just haven't updated with any pictures... I'm really slacking on them...

Originally Posted by Fig View Post
With the rates he chose it will be fine to drop the shock body and cut the travel a bit by playing with preload. at some point its the weight x the spring rate that you fight I might be able to get you shorter springs for the rear if you really want to go lower.
Like I said above, I don't think shorter springs will help... And by the way, I've been meaning to let you know the RCA's have been a great addition. I'm really happy with how the car handles now. And the CDDD is awesome! I actually enjoy driving a lot more now. More 5 speed owners need to pick them up.

And of course, I still need just about one of every other product you make/will make

Originally Posted by IS300STeeZ View Post
Really? That's awesome man! I don't have any really recent pics, but mostly everything I have is up on my website - Automotive Enthusiast
Sweet man. I'll check that out!

So I'm really being lazy on the pics lately No pics of the mismatched wheels, no pics of the brakes done, no pics of the custom stickers for my wheels, no pics of the cooling plate (not installed), no pics of anything! My lug nuts weren't done today and my HID kit didn't show up either.

I'll try to have some pics up this weekend though.

Oh and I'm surprised no one said anything about the caliper sitting by my front rotor? Do I need to post another teaser?

DSC_3616 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

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