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Originally Posted by SLIS View Post
This is a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

Has anyone tried the Supra Flywheel? Does that work? I seem to recall the cost of the dual mass flywheel at Lexus was > $1000.

I am replacing my clutch so researched this issue.

Yes the Supra NA (and SC300 is same) flywheel fits, you also need the flywheel attaching bolts, they are a different length, and are a replace each time part anyway, and a clutch pushrod, its a different length.

part numbers are in the forum, I found them easily.

note you cant use the sprung hub clutch center plate with the stock sprung flywheel, the hub hits the flywheel bolts.
But you must use the sprung hub with the Supra NA or SC300 or Fidenza flywheels.

hope that helps.

2004 IS300 MSM LSD Manual ..Hail damage written-off so now grand daughters car
2003 Pathfinder SE 4WD
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