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Originally Posted by cdeslandes View Post
The Blitz is a good air filter. Very slight improvement in gas mileage over the Toyota one. No noticeable difference in power.
Other than gas mileage, any other reasons why blitz is better? I think one advantage is that you can just wash and clean and reuse right? Which means that the premium over the regular air filter is justified

I'll be going with the blitz I'm pretty sure, but just curious:

Originally Posted by jerrry94087 View Post
So I mail-ordered the filter....
... where did you mail order the air filter from?

And where can I order the blitz from?

Regarding the intake:

Originally Posted by vleong1 View Post
I ordered the Joe-Z intake today. However, I'm sticking with the $20 oem filter vs $60+ Blitz...
Originally Posted by bartkat View Post
Originally Posted by Shahryar View Post member bartkat had also given me advice with using the Joe-Z intake..
Since then I got the FSport intake which takes the same filter and has a pipe almost like the JoeZ. I'm still using the Blitz filter though cause the one that came with the FSport didn't have the grooves in the rubber seal like the OEM and the Blitz. FSport gives a pleasing sound at WOT but not real loud. I like it whether it gives any advantages or not...
With the Joe-Z and the FSport, are there improvements in performance? is it better for the car? I'm not big on sound so if that's the only real known benefit, I probably won't go with the Joe-Z or the FSport intake.

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