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Originally Posted by T.Chung_05h View Post
Hey I found this on a website. Never heard of it before:
Some people may already know this, so it may be useless to them...

IS350/IS250 VDIM Cheat Code

The vehicle dynamics integrated management (VDIM) system automatically prevents excess wheel spin and fishtailing. If you deactivate the system by pushing the dash button, the system automatically comes back on after exceeding 30 mph. The overly protective Toyota designers probably did this to reduce our insuance rates, but it's just no fun. If Toyota wants to really compete with BMW, then it needs to allow drivers to make more decisions and assume the risks of driving.

If you wish to temporarily disable the VDIM completely, Toyota programmed a work-around. This "cheat code" will disable the VDIM until the car is truned off.

1. Start the car with the parking brake on.

2. Keeping the parking brake on, push (or tap) the foot brake twice

3. Keeping the foot brake down, push (or tap) the parking brake twice

4. Repeat untill the sliding car warning light appears on the dash

Normally, only two cycles (foot - parking - foot - parking) are required. With practice, you can disable the VDIM in under 4 seconds.

IS350 IS250 VDIM Cheat Code - Disable traction control - burnout, peelout, donut, smoke tires
So anyone know how trackable this is? I'm still trying to figure out how much of the dash/disable cheat will void your warranty when you go in with transmission problems. Does the ECU log changes to the stability system like these?
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