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Originally Posted by Drutort View Post
it is hard, i dont know, i would not go aggressive if u want wide tire but u have stated what u want to run so i guess u know exactly what u want, i wouldnt go aggressive only cause i want a fat tire in the rear

the difference between the 2 brands besides the weight and price, is obviously detail and standing out, the Enkei's are like racing wheels that do not grab your attention too much, but just enough to blend and be subtle

so what is the reason for 18's vs 17's? u do know that tire prices between the two just gets bigger and bigger the bigger the tire you put on and brand wise too

i just wonder how much of a benefit 17's are over 18's in performance if you have both relatively the same weight

i know i felt big difference from the stock wheels to the ones i have which are also like 16 lbs or something like that

Hahaha you should get the RPF1's and I'll get the VS-XX

Well, with a 18x9.5 +38, I can still run a 255/35 or even a 265 if I want, I just cant be at my current ride height and I'll have to pull the fenders a little. Kaptain86 did it with his 18x9.5 +38 RPF1's and that's what I planned on running with, I just happened to find those Work VS-XX that had the same offsets and I've wanted a set for the longest time! Also, kdog had 18x9.5 +38 with the fender lips rolled flat and no other mods with a 245/40, no rubbing.

I don't have my car for performance purposes, because it's not turbo, and it's pretty slow regardless. The weight difference between the VS-XX and my current setup will be maybe adding a lb or two to the rear and that's it. I could get the RPF1's and gain a better edge performance wise, but I'm not in that mindset. I'm getting 18's because I think 19's are too big for how low I want to be, and 17's look too small in the wheel wells and have to bulky of a sidewall. I think a 40 series sidewall on an 18" wheel is the perfect composition of style, comfort and performance. I think others would agree, which is why many choose to go with 18's over 17's. Now when it comes to track wheels, light 17's are the way to go!

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