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Originally Posted by haiimbrian View Post
i heard that that whole kit is from VIS. is that true? clean car btw. i wanna get a full trd conversion like yours.
Thanks. Yes, the whole kit is made by VIS. But I would definately recommend having a shop mess with it. My sides fit great, and the gasket definately helps. But my rear on the driver side has never fit right. I think it would shape better if I were to heat the tab and bend it, but my body shop didn't do it and I don't know if I want to attempt that yet. My front also has some decent gaps. DEFINATELY get a gasket to help cover them up if the body shop can't take care of it. I recommend the gasket either way though.

Originally Posted by bryan_tberry View Post
wow nice IS! BTW didnt realize you were from joplin? Im *right* down the road in springfield. I dont see many nice is300's around, so good to know one is in the area.
Yeah I've been over there a couple times. I'm actually on too (springfield forum, whiteIS there) and I went to one of the meets a while back. I'll actually be coming over again once I get my new wheels to have a guy roll my fenders. It's gonna be a big "party" haha. You should come. Once it gets closer, I'm going to post a thread on 417r about it

Oh and do you have an IS? I've talked to a couple people from springfield who have IS's.

Originally Posted by rvalero View Post
Hey Corey, did you get a new camera? Maybe it's just the lighting, but the pics look more vibrant. How much longer until your wheels show up?
No lol I didn't. Actually, my camera is nothing special (some Kodak easyshare). I was even in a hurry when I took those! But I'm learning how to use it now And most of the time my pictures are taken when it's cloudy, or if it is sunny I don't have my camera But I got both that day lol. Thanks though, after I get my wheels I'm going to try to take some pictures other than my driveway

As for the wheels... Thursday (the 9th) I was told the ETA to arrive in the US is June. Which surprised me since when I ordered they said it would be 6-10 weeks. June 2 would be exactly 3 months. So I guess that is pretty normal. Ohhh well. As long as it doesn't take 6 months

EDIT: I took apart my rear seat and cleaned up the interior today. I haven't really posted any interior shots since it's all stock, but I thought it looked nice lol.

** cleaned up my pictures, I'll post new ones later. My interior is stock though lol **

I also bought Mookie's Tanabe sway bar. Hopefully I get them installed this week, but we'll see.

100_0836 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

EDIT: 6/16/09

First, I did get the Tanabe's installed. Definately stiffened up the ride. I have very little if any body roll. But the car definately understeers. The Tanabe rear sway is hollow so even though it is thicker than OEM it still isn't in a good enough relation to the front bar to even it out or make the car oversteer. Getting a solid, same diameter as the Tanabe would be good, or a thicker hollow.

But as most of you know, I sold the Work XD9's and ordered new wheels. Well after 14 weeks they will finally be here tomorrow! So in the mean-time, here are my lugs that I got a while back from Nigel, and my tires that I just got today from Discout Tire Direct! I recommend BOTH of them for parts you may need!

Falken FK 452's 215/40/18 front and 235/40/18 rear.
Ray's Blue Extended Lug Nuts

100_0992 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

100_0993 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

100_0994 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

100_0999 by Corey Wattelet, on Flickr

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