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Originally Posted by Crester View Post
Think about it this way... all the gas saved by all the Priuses and other econoboxes in the world will free up gas to be used in other cars like Merc's AMG models.
I'm not hating on those beutiful beasts by any means. They're perfection.

I think about it this way....the big displacement AMG engines that are available right now are like a finely seasoned milf.

They'll fuck your brains out, and they're fully updated with latest and greatest technology (read: $10,000 boob jobs, labiaplasty and the trendy new personal trainer), but I'd rather take the 19 year old sex kittnen who's gonna go for hours and then want more even though you're on the verge of cardiac arrest.

Both packages will rock your nuts off, but the young slut will just keep getting better and better, while the seasoned milf will just look old in comparison.

Originally Posted by Donald View Post
A sexy White chick can crash my Bimmer (I have insurance on the car anyway) for all I care. <-- Seriously.

Just cum over to my place and realize why I can catch three donuts without my hands. lol
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