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Originally Posted by hasanazhar
Nissan's 4.0 V6 (which I believe is a VQ derivative?) makes:
265 hp @ 5600 rpm - horsepower
284 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm - torque
EPA estimated fuel consumption: 17/21 City/Highway

Toyota's 4.0 V6 (which spawned the new 3.5L in the IS) makes:
236 hp @ 5200 rpm - horsepower
266 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm - torque
EPA estimated fuel consumption: 16/20 City/Highway

One would imagine that if it made less power, it would at least get better fuel economy. Especially considering that the Tacoma weighs over 400 lbs less than the Frontier (4307 lbs vs. 3875 lbs) and has slimmer tires (P245/75R16 vs. P265/70R16).

The information is from I'm not sure if Nissan is also using SAE standards. What's Nissan doing better than Toyota??
Nissan has always been pushing numbers. Toyota only recently been going into the power wars. One thing for sure though, the Tacoma is better built than the Frontier.
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